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Trying To Explain My Faith

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” – Thomas Aquinas. I would respectfully disagree with both parts of that statement. I didn’t use to be a person of faith.  I wouldn’t accept anything without being able to understand and agree with it first.  That made…
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Even God Has A Sense Of Humor

My California colleague, Eric Nelson, shares a harrowing experience and his journey to recovery.  It was a process laced throughout with healing humor. Here’s Eric…. This may be hard to believe, but shortly after tumbling about a thousand feet down a rock and ice-covered mountain and suffering multiple injuries from head to toe, I had…
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“Risen”: Its Promise For All Of Us

In her take on the new movie, “Risen”, my New Jersey colleague, Valerie Minard, shows how the film helps us ask and answer the questions we’re meant to think about at Easter time.  Here’s Val…. The Easter story, “Risen,” is a powerful and unusual movie portraying the last days of Jesus after his resurrection. Although the…
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The Evidence Of Love

While the “evidence” of Valentine’s Day has mostly come and gone, the love still remains. Flowers have wilted, romantic meals have been eaten and sweets enjoyed.  Perhaps there are still cards displayed and gifts of jewelry being worn and cherished.  But was the love those things were meant to express ever actually in the things…
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Letting Love Transform Our Lives

Defining ourselves with certain unchangeable, negative traits can be depressing and defeating. My colleague from British Columbia, Anna Bowness-Park, tells how such limits can be lifted off by a Divine influence that is already present.  Here’s Anna… A leopard can’t change his spots. Right? Sometimes we are persuaded to believe that who we are is…
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