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Healing Heartache Helps Heart Health

Is heartache the same as a damaged heart muscle?  No.  But can mending a broken heart help heal heart disease?  Yes. This phenomenon shows that our thinking has a direct correlation to our physical health.  And it’s one example of how a mental change can bring health benefits to the body. I listened to Dr.…
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Thanksgiving And Health: An Everyday Relationship

Maybe we’re getting it wrong. I overheard someone say one Thanksgiving Day, “You know, there should be 364 days a year of thanks-giving and one day for griping.” Now there’s an idea. With each passing year, it seems like the Thanksgiving holiday faces stronger and ever earlier competition from the Christmas consumerism so aggressively urged…
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Our Declining Belief In Death

The recent Oprah Winfrey (OWN) series, “Belief”, stirred up an international conversation starting with the question:  “What do you believe?”  It’s important to be able to answer that.  What do we trust in?  What do we have unshakeable faith in?  My California colleague, Eric Nelson, says that even such a universally held belief as death is…
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Portrait of a young woman exercising with weights

Getting More Out Of Your Fitness Workout

“Ah, Mr. Young, I see you ride your bicycle in order to keep fit!”  “No,” replied Mr. Young, “I ride my bike because I am fit.”  For Mr. Young, fitness was something that he used physical activity to express, rather than to get.  My Ohio colleague, Steve Salt, helps us see that our path to fitness has a spiritual…
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Ready To Give

My Arizona colleague, Rich Evans, explains the spiritual underpinnings of giving unselfishly.  From personal experience, he describes how practicing the Golden Rule can be an effective response to the current refugee crisis.  Here’s Rich… Budapest. Munich. Bodrum.   These beautiful, historic places have become symbols of unanswered global questions about our moral obligations to mankind. This…
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