Getting More Out Of Your Fitness Workout

“Ah, Mr. Young, I see you ride your bicycle in order to keep fit!”  “No,” replied Mr. Young, “I ride my bike because I am fit.”  For Mr. Young, fitness was something that he used physical activity to express, rather than to get.  My Ohio colleague, Steve Salt, helps us see that our path to fitness has a spiritual connection, above today’s conflicting health theories.  Here’s Steve…

Remember the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX (Five Basic Exercises) Plan?  Hugely popular in the 60’s, it was simple to do, but boring as heck.  I remember my dad struggling with sit-ups and tediously running in place.  It wasn’t long before his exercise regimen was history.  To stick with an exercise routine, one needs a compelling reason for doing it….

My favorite fitness activities are walking and hiking.  But more than a physical fitness hiker, I consider myself a ponder walker.  I like to think in stride, not going over my to-do list or rehearsing some past conversation, but appreciating the moment and silently expressing my gratitude for the many blessings I have experienced.

@Glowimages: Woman jogging on forest path
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I have found that turning attention to my spiritual and mental life is immensely important as it pertains to health.  Taking into account my “inner” life has an impact on my “outer” or physical being, because it is the quality of my thought that affects the harmony of my body….

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