Ready To Give

My Arizona colleague, Rich Evans, explains the spiritual underpinnings of giving unselfishly.  From personal experience, he describes how practicing the Golden Rule can be an effective response to the current refugee crisis.  Here’s Rich…

Budapest. Munich. Bodrum.   These beautiful, historic places have become symbols of unanswered global questions about our moral obligations to mankind.

This question is just as important here in the Southwestern US, as anywhere.

Seeing reports of masses of refugees fending for themselves at Keleti railway station in Hungary, having just escaped the chaos of warfare, begs many questions and demands serious thought.

“There, but for the grace of God, go I”, could be a natural response.  But what is the grace of God?  To me, it’s the inspired effect on human behavior of understanding God’s universal love.  Such boundless grace must hold answers for each individual, oppressed or free, in conflict or at peace, in Syria or Arizona.

We could, of course, simply view these challenges as someone else’s problem.  But we have a track record of doing better than that….

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