I Was Addicted To Gambling — Here’s How I Overcame It



My London colleague, Tony Lobl, gives a heartfelt account of how spiritual growth enabled him to gain control over his thoughts and actions.  He was permanently cured  of the disease called, addiction.  Here’s Tony…

When did I cross the line and become “an addict”?  Perhaps during my final year at high school.  Day after day, I’d play hooky from class to join a covert clan of gamblers playing card games in the seniors’ common room.

It didn’t seem like an addiction at the time — as a good bluffer, I’d regularly turn a healthy profit.  But it wasn’t the money that drew me; it was the buzz of pitting my wits against my peers’.  However, the fact remained that the writing was on the wall.  On days when luck ran out, I’d still carry on until I lost everything, including my bus fare home.  Thankfully my father never asked why he had to pick me up.

Despite my lax approach to classes, I got into University.  For a few years, an array of extracurricular activities kept the gambler at bay, hidden within.  So did a couple of cash-light years following graduation, as I pursued a vain dream to be Britain’s answer to Bob Dylan.

But the desire to gamble remained and quickly resurfaced when I finally got a job at a video production company.  Instead of saving my money, I immediately began feeding it to voracious slot machines in London.

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