What Stops You From Being Healthy?

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TV news anchors announced that a higher percentage of Minnesotans watched the Olympics’ opening weekend than in any other US state.  From our warm living room, with yet another sub zero night outside, my wife and I helped create that statistic.  It was inspiring, as we saw people break free of limits — sometimes in ways they’d never even tried before.  My Texas colleague, Keith Wommack, tells us how barrier breaking can also apply to our health.  Here’s Keith…

Will World-class competition and the medaling of champions keep you watching the 2014 Winter Olympics? Or will you watch in anticipation of barriers and limitations being shattered?

When it comes to breakthroughs and victories, though, you don’t just have to witness Shaun White pull off a Double McTwist 1260 (a snowboarding feat), you too can be an achiever, a champion.

Yes, your victories may start out smaller than Sochi gold, but in the long run, they may actually be more beneficial to you.

While practicing the guitar and learning languages, I’ve noticed a phenomenon that might help explain how you can shatter limiting expectations.

In order to master a guitar riff or learn a phrase, I sometimes struggle for days or weeks with no progress. Then, out of the blue, I experience a breakthrough. One minute I can’t, and then the next, I can. What couldn’t be done before now seems natural, as if I’d always had the know-how.

How does this happen? Well, I’m learning that each of us has conscious control over our experience; I was simply failing to recognize and use it.

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