What Word Will Inspire You To Keep Your Resolutions In 2014?

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New year celebrations have come and gone, resolutions have been made.  Now what?  How do we turn those resolutions into an actual fresh start in our lives?

My Canadian colleague up in Ontario, Wendy Margolese, shares a really helpful way of doing it.  And she invites you to visit her blog site.  Here’s Wendy…

It’s that time of the year.  We make all kinds of promises to ourselves to be healthier – more exercise, better diet – and to spend more time with the family and be kinder to our neighbors.

I find that it helps me to choose a word that creates a theme or a framework for the year and acts as a kind of touchstone to remember my promises and resolutions.

My word for 2014 is simply focus!  Some may call that being more mindful, more focused or less scattered.

I am a hopeless ‘multi-tasker’.  Multi–tasking is when you try to do many things at once – the drawback being that not all of them is done well.   Have you ever talked on the phone while checking your email or tried to make a dinner, carry on a texting conversation and help with a school project at the same time?

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