Thanks To Gratitude You’re Healthy!

@Glowimages MEE02663.So now that Thanksgiving day is over, are we done with giving thanks?  My British colleague Tony Lobl shares the powerful benefits to our health and happiness of being grateful on the other 364 days.  Here’s Tony…

In case you’re struggling to keep hold on the meaning of gratitude following Black Friday’s efforts to wipe Thanksgiving from our collective consciousness, here are some thoughts about gratitude and health.

‘Stay grateful and gracious’.

As life tips go that’s probably not one you’d readily associate with a high-powered business woman who’s a mover and shaker in A-list celebrity circles. Yet it’s one of ‘the key pieces of advice’ that fashionista-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe would ‘drive home to my younger self’ if she was able to turn back time and do so. It was, she told LinkedIn, something she regretted not having known at the start of her career.

Sincerely feeling thankful is a good idea. It tends to make us happier and it tends to make us better company. But to do so it has to be more than just skin deep, which is not always the case nowadays, according to an article that has made the rounds on the internet, called ‘An Epidemic of Gratitude’.

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